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In-depth technology reports, case studies and feature articles on fastening, bonding and assembly within manufacturing.

Bonding different plastics

The demand for plastics in automotive manufacturing continues to grow as it remains a durable, cheap and lightweight solution to many modern ...

Drawer slides for winners

If you are reading this waiting for the tyres to be changed on your car you might like to think about the theory that the technological advances made ...

Securing the future of automotive industry

Fasteners are playing a major role in the electric vehicle revolution.

Making light work of solar applications

The boom in solar panel installations means that the simplest fastening technologies are the most appropriate for those installing and maintaining ...

Beyond nuts, bolts and screws

Industry 4.0 is revolutionising the way things are made in our factories. But when you look at the machines in these factories and get down to the ...

Top tips for UV curing

Originally introduced in the 1960s, UV curing technology has streamlined adhesive applications in many manufacturing industries. With new UV curing ...

Fastening FRP composite parts

An innovative all-in-one overmoulded fastener and ‘tow steered’ reinforcement fabric fixing system, provides greater productivity and higher ...

Tensioning large bolts just got easier

Tensioning of large bolted joints usually requires the use of electric, hydraulic or pneumatic tools, a factor that can add costs and delays to any ...

Best of both

From silicon die encapsulation through to fixing components to PCBs, adhesives are used extensively in the electronics industry. However, curing is ...

Q&A: Advancing adhesives

Over the years, Advanced Adhesives has become known as “the applications specialist” across industries and sectors. This reputation has been ...

Fast automotive assembly

A range of new adhesive tapes are offering useful options for motor manufacturers.

Fixing the construction crisis

The UK’s construction industry is seemingly on the cusp of crisis point, with many different factors causing projects to slow and impact efficiency. ...

Fasten up for FAST Live

The FAST Live exhibition is still the UK’s only specialist fastening, bonding and assembly event for design engineers, production professionals, ...

In space fastening is critical

As the space industry flourishes the demand for the finest fasteners is growing with it.

Nicely handled

Engineering components manufacturer WDS Component Parts has expanded its range of detent pins by developing a range of knobs that aid handling, ...

Bearing preload – the inside story

Preloading a bearing can have several advantages. Here’s how and why.

Safety helmet makes a real impact!

It is not every day that adhesive specialist Chemique Adhesives is involved in a potentially lifesaving revolution.

Specialist screws in various materials and finishes

Challenge Europe recently announced the breadth of screw materials and finishes it works with on behalf of industrial/manufacturing customers.

Best clampload retention performance in extreme conditions

Threaded assemblies are the most important detachable parts used in machinery construction, installation and repair.

Lee Spring supports the latest in saturation diving safety

When JFD – global marine diving specialist equipment manufacturers - was developing its COBRA saturation diving system to provide a massive step ...

Portability, precision and power

Intertronics is aiming to be ‘spot’ on with its new UV curing lamp.

Single-source solutions for manufacturing

If you’re a director or a manager in a manufacturing company, it may seem at times that you’re under intense pressure to increase performance and ...

Supporting professional solutions, day or night

Tradesmen realise more than most the impact of lighter evenings and warmer mornings in the UK.

Bearing preload – and why it matters

?When assembling individual bearing components, the outer race, inner race, balls and retainer all work together.


When designers at a leading manufacturer of professional and domestic aluminium ladders needed safety-critical fasteners that they could rely on for ...

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