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Automated dispensing boosts throughput and quality

When GJD Manufacturing was looking to improve how plastic lens are bonded to extruded aluminium housing, it took the challenge to Intertronics.

In pursuit of savings: but not at any cost

How can you reduce the costs of production & materials used without cutting corners or ‘doing things on the cheap’? With value added engineering, ...

Keeping tight connections

?What do a loose bike guard, a lost train door and recall in automotive industry have in common? Read on...

Breaking bonding boundaries

A combination of diverse adhesive technologies is being hailed for its ability to provide much increased performance. But how does it work?

Spring clean

When it comes to industrial springs, there is much more to them than initially meets the eye.

From the ‘which’ to the ‘how’

By understanding how dispensing valves work and interact with the material they dispense, it is easier to select the right one for your needs.

norelem – the inside view

?Paul Mulvey – business development manager, norelem UK – has recently allowed FAST Magazine some intriguing insights into the company's operations ...

Offspring of the space race

The American-Russian race to ‘conquer’ space back in the 1960s thrust conductive adhesive technology into the limelight – and now its applications ...

Automation-ready Plasma Surface Treatment from Intertronics

New from Intertronics is the automation-ready ‘I’ version of the Relyon Piezobrush plasma treatment unit.

Natural selection

The industrial spring appears a simple enough component, but it is so much more than that

The wheel deal

When Pete Tomkins decided to design a new bike mudguard, his inspiration was a fastener called Duotec, featured in an article in FAST magazine

Getting a tighter grip on things

Many applications require a dismountable, yet durable, screw joint but often this freedom to dismantle comes at a price, because the chosen securing ...

Breaking good

A top-of -the-range installation clamp must be highly resistant to the powerful forces to which it is subjected. Here’s what happened when ...

On the scent with BLOODHOUND

Böllhoff RIVNUT is helping to boost the upcoming assault on the world land speed record attempt, which also aims to smash through the 1,000kph barrier


FAST recently talked to Forward Industrial’s managing director Martyn Cleaver about his take on the recent developments in the fastener industry, ...

Developing market: mechanical thread locking

With increasing pressures from factors such as time-saving, foreign object debris and reusability, effective mechanical thread locking is a challenge ...

The buddy that’s on your side!

Inspired by motorbike sidecars, Sidebuddy is being hailed as a new eco-solution for city transportation

Henkel’s dedicated YouTube channel now live

A dedicated YouTube channel for Henkel is now live.


FAST has been talking recently to Forward Industrial’s managing director Martyn Cleaver about his take on the recent developments in the fastener ...

Bolt from the Blue

Greenkote-treated bolts were recently used to repair the celebrated ‘Cheesegrater’ building. Clearly, this was cutting edge stuff.

Tough nut to crack!

Böllhoff’s RIVNUT SFC range promises to overcome issues of cracking and delamination when joining composite materials.

Heads up on key funding

bigHead Bonding Fasteners has been awarded Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) funding with Cranfield University.

tesa powers ahead into electric mobility

Supporting the development of electric mobility solutions is something to which tesa is fully committed, with the introduction of adhesive tapes for ...

Robnor ResinLab launches new epoxy resin

Robnor ResinLab has launched PX901C: a new epoxy resin that is said to have exceptional heat resistance and dimensional stability.

Sika to headline lightweighting events

Sika Global Automotive has renewed its sponsorship agreement with London Business Conferences Group for the popular Global Automotive Lightweighting ...

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